Our story

"Our vision is to change the way the world finds fitness."

For clients and enthusiasts, there has never been a central hub for finding trainers in your area. Finding a trainer has never been an easy process. We've changed that.

For trainers and other fitness professionals, going the freelance can be scary. We're providing a place for trainers to list themselves in their area, host their services, and connect with new and existing clients. 

How Shred Shared came to be.

Founded by Anthony Kohanski, Cory Terry & Pierre Tanguay 
Written: July 31, 2017

Shred Shared is an online marketplace for freelance trainers and their clients. It sounds simple enough right? We thought so too until we found out what it takes to build a website that can do what Shred Shared does. Born out of necessity, we really wanted to create something for fitness professionals to be able to handle all aspects of their business. Hosting their profile, services, reviews, and also conducting transactions. We started doing our research right away. It didn't take long to be completely stunned that such a marketplace didn't exist.

So we got down to business. We drew so many mock-ups and sitemaps of how it would look, feel, function. After a couple of research planning we took the plunge. We contacted web designers and developers all over the country. The project started out of pocket, finding that developing a website is not far off from putting a kid through college. We needed money or our idea would never get off the ground. So we did what a lot of startups do. We went from bank to bank to bank. Called the SBA. Got turned down 3 times until the 4th bank started to give us some attention. They loved our business plan and the concept. After a very long and patient 7 months we got the loan. In less than 24 hours we had our web developers, Pierre and Jean-Daniel, already coding and building what would now be SHREDshared.com

The public launch to Cumberland, Cape May, and Atlantic County is less than 24 hours away. Fingers crossed everyone!